First of all, expect your visit to Freedom to be an experience you won't soon forget and will want to experience again and again.

At Freedom you are free to:
    Be Yourself, Find Yourself, Express Yourself
Expect to be treated as unique and special by our knowledgeable staff. We are the most experienced shop in the North Okanagan. Vernon's original, established in 1999.

Expect your trip to take a little time. The piercer will go over every detail of what to expect for each piercing. We like the experience to be somewhat tribal; strangers may even bond and become friends.

The Freedom Tattoo experience is awesome, ask anyone who has a tattoo from here.
Freedom has the most versatile tattoo artist's in Vernon.

Expect to see a large selection of jewelry for any of your piercings, and very reasonably priced.

Expect to have fun hanging out in a clean fun shop with your friends and our staff. We are in no rush to kick you out and we enjoy your drop-in visits. Come in to look at pictures, read magazines or watch a program on TV.

Expect yourself to become part of the extended Freedom family.

#2 - 3212 30th Ave. - Vernon, BC, Canada - (250) 558-FREE -