Does it hurt?
    Yes, it will hurt; sometimes a little, sometimes a lot.
    If you want something, pain should not be the deciding factor of whether you get it or not.
Is the shop clean?
    Yes, Freedom & Flesh is clean and hygienic;
    we use the most up to date methods to eliminate any health risks.
    All needles are new, sterilized, and single use only.
    All tools are sterilized in our autoclave before use.
    Our autoclave is tested monthly at the UBC lab to ensure proper sterilization.
    Your safety and peace of mind is important to us.
Is the jewelry made out of the right stuff?
    Yes, we use jewelry made from implant grade Titanium, Niobium, 316LVM ASTM E-138 Stainless Steel, Glass, and Gold
How much does a piercing cost?
    Please call the shop at 250-306-7038 for piercing pricing
How much do tattoos cost?
    Please call the shop at 250-558-3733 for tattoo pricing.
Do I need to make an appointment?
    For piercings:
    Appointments are preferred but walk-ins are always welcome.

    For tattoos:
    Yes, however our artists can occasionally accept walk-ins.
    Please call the shop at 250-558-3733 for more information.
Is a deposit required for a tattoo appointment?
    Yes, when you call or visit the shop to make your appointment,
    we will let you know how much your deposit will be.
Do the tattoo artists custom draw the tattoos?
    Yes, our tattoo artists custom draw all tattoos.
    You will never see two tattoos the same from this shop.
Do the tattoo artists do cover-ups?
    Yes they do.
Will the tattoo artists work on older tattoos that need more work?
    Yes, our tattoo artists are the only tattoo artists in Vernon that will work on almost anything. You should see some of the magic they can perform!

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