I have always had an artistic eye and enjoyed drawing many styles of art. Given the opportunity to grow up in a shop environment solidified that art was my true passion. I started as a body piercer and soon realized my heart was in tattooing.

I had the opportunity to learn from a variety of artists, including Nika, a world class artist from Germany. Nika was able to show me many techniques and share a wealth of knowledge that gave me what I needed to continue on my path of creating fantastic art on skin.

Nearing a decade later, I have taken ownership of Freedom Tattoo where I continue creating custom designs for our clients. I am still just as passionate about tattooing and continually strive to be the best tattooist I can.

I look forward to meeting you and helping create your perfect piece. Give me a call (250-558-3733) or email me at info@freedombodyart.com

I am a passionate, highly motivated body piercer who is proficient in piercing placement, after-care and jewelry choice. Intrigued by the body modification industry, I finished my apprenticeship in 2013 under senior piercer and founder of Freedom Body Piercings and Tattooing, Brian Armstrong.

Eager to expand my knowledge base, I completed the training course for bloodborne pathogens and received my certificate in first aid with CPR and AED. My passion for body piercing led me to attend seminars on the pocketing theory and techniques of surface piercings and dermal anchoring.

I have recently taken ownership of the piercing section at Freedom, and have started my own company name as Flesh Body Piercing. We can continue to do amazing work together as Freedom and Flesh Tattoos and Body Piercings. I strive to provide you with a relaxed, friendly enviroment. You can catch me 5 days a week at the shop from Tuesday to Saturday 11am - 6pm for all your piercing needs.

Amanda Cassidy - Body Piercer

#2 - 3212 30th Ave. - Vernon, BC, Canada - (250) 558-FREE - info@freedombodyart.com