• No one altered by alcohol or drugs will be worked on at this shop. Save that stuff for afterwards.
    Besides, being stoned will make the experience worse, not better.

  • Each piercing has an age limit.
    All people under the age of 16 need parental consent
    including signature and accompanied at time of piercing.

    Microdermal, Surface, Nipples and Female Genital piercings you must be 18 years of age.
    Please have your photo ID ready for your piercer.

  • Personal space is a person's right.
    Please ask the receptionist to see any of the tattoo artists.
    Please don't just walk in.

  • No one is to put themselves or anyone else down for their choices.
    No one is too fat, too ugly or too stupid to know what he or she wants.

  • Staff is required to treat each customer with focussed attention. If anyone feels that his or her experience at Freedom wasn't a positive one, please advise the owner. Our goal is for the "Freedom Experience" to be a great experience for each and every person who enters the shop.

#2 - 3212 30th Ave. - Vernon, BC, Canada - (250) 558-FREE - info@freedombodyart.com