I have always had an artist flair and a passion for tattoos. I have been fortunate to grow up in the shop environment and to get the opportunity to first pierce, and now be on my way to becoming a great tattoo artist.

From various artists over the years I have learned about the trade and tools needed to transfer art to the skin. In 2011 my dad, Brian Armstrong, brought in Nika, a world class guest artist from Germany specifically to help the tattooist's at the shop to get better. I was able to learn some things from her that I never would have here in Canada. I know my tattooing apprenticeship took a giant step forward as a result and my goal is to follow in her footsteps of creating fantastic art on the skin.

Now having taken ownership of Freedom from my dad I will keep giving all our clients all they deserve and make sure they get the tattoo's they want to the best of my ability.

I am looking forward to meeting you and helping you in anyway I can. Give us a call (250-558-3733) or email us info@freedombodyart.com to discuss your tattoo idea with Riley for quotes on prices.

Riley Armstrong - Tattoo Artist

#2 - 3212 30th Ave. - Vernon, BC, Canada - (250) 558-FREE - info@freedombodyart.com